Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gift Set

Price : RM2.20

Price : RM2.20

Price : RM2.20

Price : RM2.30

Price : RM2.20

Price : RM6.50

Price : RM6.60

Price : RM6.60

Price : RM6.50

Price : RM2.20

Price : RM2.30

Love Box from Chocs!

Love box made from chocs + 7 pcs praline chocs. Price : RM18.00

Love Box choc + 3 pcs praline chocs. Price : RM15.00

Love Box Chocolate set. Price : RM25.00

Order from Shida for her hubby. She request to add a small card over the box.

Lovely Box to catch!!~

Birthday Boy Choc set

Price : RM55.00 without ribbon

Price : RM57.00 with ribbon

Wishes Chocolate set

Wishes Choc set. Price : RM50.00

Wording can be change as request.

~24 cavities chocolate set~

24 cavities praline chocs. Price : RM34.00

Design choc boleh ditukar dengan design dari album yang lain.

~25 cavities Chocolate Set~

25 cavities praline chocs. Price : RM35.00

Chocolate with box

Can choose any design.


"Love U" Lolichoc. Price : RM1.60 each

Chocs ni lum siap sepenuhnya..Will touch up with plastic cover n ribbon.

LOVE Oreo Chocs Set

L.O.V.E Oreo set with box. Price : RM10.00

6 pcs L.O.V.E Oreo set without hard box. Price : RM12.00

4 pcs L.O.V.E Oreo set without hard box. Price : RM8.00